Free Softwares for Bridge and Spades

Feel free to download my free softwares below.
Each ZIP file contains HTML files, which explain the software in English and possibly other languages.
Viewer and LoTT
Analyzer for Ginsberg's
Bridge Library
Hand Recording Software
for Yahoo! Bridge
Ver 2.2 (2012/December)
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Hand Recording Software
for Yahoo! Spades
Ver 2.5 (2012/December)
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LoTT (the Law of Total Tricks)
Are you already familiar with LoTT ?
It is an important concept in modern competitive auctions in Bridge, discovered in 1966 and popularized in 1992.
    This dialogue carefully explains basics of LoTT, especially for beginners.
Fitting Probabilities in Bridge.
Suppose you have eight cards in H.
How often will your partner have two cards or more in H?  
    Here, you will find good answers for these kinds of questions.
    Get aquainted with fitting probabilities in Bridge bidding!
LoTT Analysis for Notrumps
in Bridge

    Ginsberg's original analysis (1996) is extended to treat suit and notrump deals separately, making full use of the above software LoTTanalyzer.
Frequncy of 15-17 HCP Balanced Hands Compared with 16-18
    How often will 15 -17 hands allow 1NT opening than 16 -18 ones ?
Exact probability is given
in this column.
Statistical Analysis of
Corrections on LoTT.

Various kinds of corrections are studied in terms of statistics taken over the huge ensemble of Ginsberg's double-dummy library.
«  How I like to play bridge   »
W. Somerset Maugham
" Bridge is the most entertaining and intelligent card game
the wit of man has so far devised.

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